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Cleveland Ohio, What a Wonderful Idea.

It’s a news letter number two. Greeting! Still in the great state of Colorado but not for long. Sharon and I have decided to go to her home town and setup for our future residences. We will be moving just at the end of this month. This city gets poked at all the time with names like "mistake by the lake" but it is a wonderful city with tons of options and room to grow. By the time I'm done with it, it will be called the "roar by the shore" (Quote from the movie "The Oh in Ohio")  Not that Colorado isn’t just wonderful. Colorado does live up to everything you hear. Though the cost of living is a "L.A. Lite" and large studio space is what I need.  I’m excited to meet some new folks. Looking forward to simulate in to the art world, have an amazing studio, be closer to my family, reaching out to other art markets like Toronto, Detroit, Pittsburgh, Chicago, New York, road trips, gardening, beach time (lake time), and tons more traveling. First action plan so far is attending Summer Solstice  at the Cleveland Museum of Art. So Cleveland watch out, I am on my way! Keep reading to hear about my next exhibit and a preview of what can be seen! 

Ken Stutes of Avondale Artworks has agreed to take on nine of my paintings. I'm so very happy to be working with Ken again. He is truly a super human. All the paintings are from of this year. Five of them are the newest series started, aspired by the great Anselm Kiefer.

Please contact him at the gallery about viewing them.

Phone 904.384.8797

by joeythate
Daily, Weekly Thoughts. Posts. Feelings.